Whitman’s Candy ~ Sugar-Free

Um, yum.

I really like these.  No, I LOVE these.



<stops to lick fingers>

Where was I?  Oh, that’s right.  I ordered two kinds of Weight Watchers candy, by Whitman’s.  Whomever developed these little disks of goodness knew what s/he was doing, I”ll tell you that.

I got the “Mint Patties” and “Double Chocolate Mousse.”  The mint patties are really similar in flavor and texture to Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate mint filled squares.  I was expecting something like a York with a thin coating and fluffy filling…but this thick coating and creamy filling is much yummier.  The double chocolate mousse ones are in a similar patty form and also dark chocolate on the outside, but this time filled with a rich, creamy chocolate filling.  It’s more of a cream than a mousse, and again I prefer the texture to what I had imagined it would be.

Amazon being Amazon, I did have to buy five bags of each and I don’t want to overdo it…especially since they have malitol and overdoing it will mean tummy trouble surely (especially since I ate two malitol-containing protein bars not too many hours ago…oops!).

Defnitely a thumbs-up and recommendation from me…yum!


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