Getting Organized | DVDs, etc.

This is the first installment in my 2012 “Get Organized” Challenge.  Happy New Year!!

I’m always on a quest to purge and be more organized but there are a bunch of small projects that  I’ve put off for years, figuring I would have to finish more important projects first.  I decided last week, “who says I can’t organize the DVD’s once and for all just because the rest of the house isn’t perfect yet???”  So with that thought, I decided to start tackling the small annoyances that really add up to big annoyances when you put them all together!!  I decided to make my goal one project per week and I started with those darned DVDs and other various disks that were strewn all over the house and car!

Since we don’t keep the plastic cases for any CDs, DVDs, software, etc. I needed some sort of sleeve for them.  I wanted Tyvek or vinyl but they ultimately were more than I wanted to spend ($7+ per 100 and I needed 300+) so I went with a package of 500 paper sleeves from Kodak.  (I paid $13 shipped with Prime, which was the best deal at the time…now you can get 1000 paper sleeves from another manufacturer for $14 shipped if you’re a Prime member).  I really, really wanted the Vaultz pre-labeled A-Z guides but they were $7/set at the time and I figured I’d just make my own dividers using cardstock and Scotch stick-on tabs.  (Trying to make do with what I already have, whenever possible!)  Finally, to store the disks safely, securely and at least somewhat elegantly (at least more elegantly than our many falling-apart CD wallets and piles of disks) I ordered two of the Snap-N-Store Double Wide CD Storage Boxes.  It only took about an hour, with the help of my older kids, and I got al our disks sorted, into new sleeves and happily placed into the new boxes.  I still need to alphabetize and make tabs for that project, but for now, I’m happy.  My total cost was under $35 and I have room to grow and expand, with over 150 sleeves left, and over  1/4 of the storage capacity remaining for future acquisitions.


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