No Spend January!!!

Okay, I am back with a vengeance.  We looked at model homes again a few days ago (sans kids, so we could REALLY look) and I’m even more motivated to save as much in 2012 as possible.  I’m not sure we’ll end up going with a new build, but it was a reconnaissance mission and boy, did it do the trick!  I was raised by spenders, so saving isn’t necessarily in my blood.  I don’t get a feel-good rush when I save, like some thrifty people do.  Sure, I get a rush when I save money while BUYING something, but I’m lacking the “straight-into-the-bank” rush that my husband gets! 😉  I always say I’m frugal because I look for deals and bargains and plan so that I can maximize my savings…but we’re talking a different kind of frugal here.  A Dave Ramsey JUST-DON’T-SPEND-IT kind of frugal.  It goes hand in hand with simplifying and having less stuff.


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