Taco/Burrito Bar!!

This isn’t so much a recipe as an idea.  I love this meal on days I don’t want to think because, well, I don’t have to think to do it!! I place all our favorite taco/burrito components in serving dishes, set out taco shells and tortillas and let the family go at it. The kids LOVE this. Tom LOVES this. I love it too. This time, we had my dad over. He couldn’t believe his luck–he loved it too! 😀

I liek to make ground beef or turkey with Tone’s Taco Seasoning from Sam’s Club. It’s MSG-free. Then I open a can or two of refried beans (sometimes I use the dehydrated kind, which I prefer, but very rarely can find locally) and sometimes I make some mexican rice (brown rice with a smidge of tomato paste and a couple spoons of mild Rotel). Oh, ranch-style pintos are a GREAT substitute for boring refries. Then we do chopped tomatoes, lettuce, olives, pico de gallo if I buy or make it, sour cream and of course tons of mexican blend CHEESE!!



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