In the last month, I’ve splurged on quite a few new patterns.  I had purged my patterns down to almost nothing during my long sewing hiatus of 2008-2010 and I’d kept only size 8+ Kwik Sew patterns for some strange reason.  I just sold several of them and purchased them again in 4-7 for Katie.  She measures out at a 6 in KS and I figure once they’re traced it’s easy to enlarge a size or two by retracing.  I really don’t have space or the organizational skills to keep patterns I might use in a couple years, know what I mean?  I got them on Ebay for a song.

I also tracked down a new copy of KS 2446 which is a nightgown pattern which is out-of-print.   I used it to make about 6 nighties for Kayla when she was 5-6.  It will be very fun to make it for Katie.  Katie is even wearing the one remaining one Kayla held onto all these years!  I have to resew the side seams cause it’s literally falling apart! 😀   I have the pattern traced and will sew several when I get a chance.

I found another pattern I’d used for Kayla–a vintage Simplicity peasant dress pattern.  It was a few bucks on Ebay so I bought it for sentimental reasons.  I have several other peasant dress patterns so I might not actually make it up, but it’s cute and reminds me of my early years in the 1970’s.  🙂

I also bought the Sienna pattern from Lil Blue Boo (which is a super-inspirational blog if you are interested in all things fabric-art like I am!) and I made it up. It was a PDF download which I find challenging (since you have to tape multiple pieces of paper together) but I am determined to get used to this because I’m so instant-gratification that it does make me VERY happy to buy something and instantly download it!   I also purchased, from, That Darn Cat’s Undies and Round Neck Top patterns.  The undies pattern is a must because my vow to not buy retail clothing for Katie and Dakota extends to undies.  They have a lot of undies, but can always use more.  I toss anything that starts to fade or unravel or otherwise looks icky.  So making undies for them is a must this year and this pattern is highly recommended by the ladies at  The Round Neck Top–yes, Kate’s getting a little old for that…which is why I want to make her one now, before it’s too late! 😀 also got a bit of my money–a few more Kwik Sew patterns that I’ll review soon, as well as the Penny dress from Modkid Boutique.  Love that one–did a sew-n-show here.


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