No-Spend January ReCap

My no-spend January went pretty well, at least from the perspective of small and impulse purchases.  I was REALLY good!

I did however spend $1250 on a new washer and dryer (which STILL aren’t here!) and another $900 on 22 couples’ personal training visits ($300 of this won’t be paid till February 15th, so I guess it’s somewhat a February expense too).  I also DID end up buying make-up because I desperately needed a new pot of Bare Minerals and while I was in Ulta, I got suckered into their “buy two, get two free” promotion on their store line of make-up.  Oh, and I bought another puppy.  I know, I know.  But she was an absolute steal and came with all shots and already spayed, so the $200 I spent for her was much cheaper than a new puppy usually is (okay, well, I spent another $120 to start her pet health insurance as well…).  The good thing about buying a new puppy when you already have a puppy is that I didn’t have to buy any doggie accessories (or treats or food) because I already have a surplus of those things!

Washer/Dryer:  I’ve been wrestling with this one for a couple years now.  My current machines are ten years old and while they’re in good shape and work well for their age, I really have grown very tired of dealing with the longer-than-normal cycles that these first-generation Whirlpool Duets have.  I also am tired of being limited to buying only HE detergent, which STILL is difficult to find in powder in the brands/scents I want at any given time.  The final issue I have with them is that I very much enjoy dyeing fabric and clothing in the washer and I can’t do it the way I want with a front-loader.  I’m not saying the Duets I’ve had all these years aren’t great machines–I was just ready to get back to basics for a while.  I researched the heck out of everything I could find and eventually settled on a mid-range GE non-HE toploader and dryer.  I ended up paying $200 more than planned because my first-choice washer model was unavailable and the dryer I wanted had a different-colored console than the washer I finally chose.  So we went up one model each.  Then my sweet husband insisted on adding a 5-year extended warranty because our last GE washer needed a $300 coupler at age 2 and again at age 4.  So that was another $200.  So while my original intent was to purchase a $328 washer and $408 dryer and land at around $950 after tax and the dryer cord, vent and washer hoses, I ended up spending $1250.  Yes, it’s a lot of money but I know these machines will last at least ten years with minimal repair costs.

Personal Training:  This was another toughie and feels like such an extravagance!  We reactivated our gym membership under a January special ($39 compared to the $95 we paid most of last year) and I remembered I’d pre-purchased six hours of personal training last summer.  I never used the training because I felt too self-conscious to go in for my fitness evaluation after Tom had a not-so-great experience during his consult.  The gym has a new option for couples’ training, so Tom and I traded those six hours of individual training for 3 hours of couples’ training.  After our first session we were so exhilarated that we decided to consider committing to a block of sessions.  After another session and a lot of soul-searching, we decided to go for it.  We both need that sort of motivation to actually get there and work HARD, so we felt that we were making an investment in our health. It’s necessary and we’ve tried for years to really get in shape but frankly…we just needed a trainer.  Going is just not optional.  We’ve had seven sessions to date and the difference in each of us is truly remarkable.  I actually am jogging short distances for the first time since high school and I’m seeing muscles and bones that I haven’t seen since then either.  Tom looks amazing and is seeing even more obvious results.  We have 8 weeks left and we’re seeing our trainer twice a week.  We’re also hitting the gym on the weekends to get in some additional circuit training in.

Puppy:  Well, nothing else to say here other than that I’m a huge sap.  I fell in love with a difficult-to-place Powderpuff Chinese Crested on my friend’s breeder’s website.  I ignored Tom’s warnings that I’d probably be unhappy with anything that wasn’t a poodle, and I brought little Trixee home.  We have had some issues with her adjusting, but we’ve worked out most of the kinks and she’s pretty much become Kayla’s dog.  Which is fine since that means I still can get another poodle SOMEDAY.  😉



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