Bye Bye Breadie

It’s time.  Eating fresh bread daily hasn’t exactly been good for my waistline.  I was horrified to weigh on Sunday and discover I’ve gained 7 pounds in the last two weeks!  I’ve been off-plan since my mom’s illness and death and initially had gained back several pounds, but I’d been maintaining that with ease for the past couple months.  Naturally I was pretty shocked.  The only change in my diet is more bread.  Gah.  This only illustrates, quite clearly, that it’s time to get back on plan.

My oldest son asked if he could join me.  I don’t necessarily think he should count calories or carbs (and thus go hungry like I usually do LOL) but he seems to be as carb-addicted as I, so I told him he could eat the same things I’ll be eating–to help him break that carb-craving cycle.  We ran his numbers through a BMI calculator for teens and he does need to lose quite a bit of weight.  We’re going to join our local SnapFitness as well.  I’m just too much of a wuss to go walking in 100+ degree heat and the Snap membership comes with some free personal training.  It will be interesting to see if a combo of diet *and* exercise will get me better results than simply doing one or the other.

Hello again, day 1.  I read that taking a potassium supplement might help with carb withdrawal symptoms so I’m going to head to Walgreen’s to grab one.  The first few days are always really hard.  Gah!


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