In my post on ways to cut back monthly expenses, I mentioned that I planned on switching to a Berkey instead of continuing to use Pur filters and bottled water.  We’ve had our Berkey for about 6 weeks now, and I’m happy to report that we LOVE it.  Right before the Berkey arrived, I’d purchased four 30-packs of 16oz bottles of Dasani.  That normally would have lasted a week around here.  I’m happy to say, we’ve only used about half of those bottles and that includes passing them out to visitors and friends, as well as grabbing them for outings until recently, since I just got my stainless steel bottles this past Friday (and they were only $11 a THREE pack…woot!!).  Not having to haul cases and jugs of water home has been SO nice.  I’ve even followed through on my plan to make my own ice cubes out of Berkey water and surprisingly, we have plenty of fresh ice all the time now–way better than relying our our freezer’s icemaker (where the ice was ALWAYS stale).  The verdict here is that the $212 I spent on the Berkey was well worth it.  It’s pretty much paid for itself already, especially since I was due to buy another $65 GE filter for our fridge!


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