Spring Cleaning – Part 1 – The Plan

Since we just moved in November, it really seems like there shouldn’t be tooooo much to do for spring cleaning, but no, that’s a faulty assumption. We moved a couple days before Thanksgiving and before I knew it, Chanukah was upon us. And then Christmas. And then hubby’s week off from work. And then New Year’s. It was like one big blur. We had houseguests in February and I managed to get everything orderly before their arrival but not without shoving some things into tubs and various hiding places. 😉 So long story short, I still have a LOT of decluttering to do. It’s been a many-year process and after listening to a lecture (courtesy our state virtual academy) on REALLY decluttering, I think I’m ready to make that final plunge. The idea is that if I get rid of enough, I should be able to clean the whole house in two hours or less. I can see that happening, if I didn’t have to deal with clearing clutter and stuff off every. single. horizontal. surface. in. this. house. (And that includes the floor!)

1) purchase organization for clutter (NO MORE TUBS…this has to be actual items that will store things accessibly) and put storage systems in place
2) major purge in every room….toys, clothes, misc. clutter, paperwork, kids’ artwork (scan before tossing), unused kitchen gadgets, unused bathroom items, etc.
3) organize art and school supplies, convert family room into craft-room/classroom
4) finish cleaning out former studio area, set up as den/retreat/office (is a loft with two built-in desks) so it’s calm and tranquil (i.e. NO CLUTTER!)
5) hand hubby’s PC #2 down to oldest girl, hand laptop #2 down to oldest boy–this move enables both to work on their school projects IN THERE OWN ROOMS this not cluttering up aforementioned loft/office OR the kitchen table (involves buying new PC for hubby…yes, he’s crushed–NOT!)
6) purchase server and NAS device, store out of site in closet…this alone reduces my computer system’s footprint by 5 items since I will no longer need multiple external drives for image/video storage
7) reorganize both loft PC’s cords and addons so the desks look neater
8) major reorganization of garage which will include trips to the dump for sure, plus many visits from Freecyclers
9) hire someone to weed front and back, hire someone to plant new bushes where frost killed them
10) sit back and enjoy fruits of labors, have ample time to craft, write, cook, photgraph and sew….without feeling GUILTY that the house isn’t organized! 😀


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