Homeschooling vs. Home Schooling vs. Home Educating

I call myself a “home eductor” for many reasons.  The first is that there is somewhat of a stigma attached to the word “homeschooling.’   I’ve heard one too many times: “Oh….you hooooomeschooooool…”  Then the barrage of questions start.  Fellow home educators are probably all too familiar with these questions!  😉

The second reason, if you want to get technical, is that our home is not a school.  We are educating our kids at home, rather than sending them to a school.  A school is more than a place of learning.  A school is “an institution where instruction is given” (  Schools are designed around most effectively mass-educating children.  I don’t need to mass-educate children since I only have four of them.  So my home is not a school in the traditional sense.  (Yes, I am aware that “school” has alternate meanings other than an institution; it can mean “to teach” or it can refer to a group of like-minded people and so on.)

Back to the term “home educator.”   The third reason is that two of my children attend public virtual schools.  These schools are part of the publicly funded state school system and they are very adamant that all us “learning coaches” know that we are NOT homeschooling!  Ah, but see…we are “home educating” because the child receive their education at home–it’s simply overseen by the state virtual academy.

Interestingly enough, “homeschooling” isn’t really a word if you consult your typical dictionary.  I think it should be, since  “home schooling” just doesn’t flow well in my mind.  “Home Educating” doesn’t necessarily have that great flow but I feel like it best describes my family. 🙂


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  1. I do love your “Home Educating” term. It fits quite nicely for my family! I know the “home school” look all too well. =) Especially because I’m a young Mom with a LOT on my plate. I will show them how successful my Home Educated family will be. With the right support, ANY learner, educator or parent can accomplish anything they dream of.

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