Family Matters

We celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday tonight and it was such a great time!  My sister came with her two kids (boy-girl twins, almost-8) and my family had *such* a fabulous evening!

My dad told me, right after my mom passed away, that his only wish before his time is up is that my sisters and I (and all 10 of his grandchildren) would become closer and spend time together.  My three sisters are my dad’s children from his first marriage and unfortunately in her later years my mom developed some jealousy and hostility related to my dad or I spending any time with this part of our family.  Due to this, I’ve managed to only see two of my sisters a handful of times even though for the past six years we’ve lived less than an hour apart (two sisters are in Phoenix and one in Oregon).  And my other sister–I haven’t seen her in probably about 10 years!

It’s amazing how the kids just naturally act as though they’ve known each other all their lives, even though Katie and Dakota had only met their cousins a couple other times!  And spending time with my niece and nephew was amazing!  They are so smart and funny!

After they went home, Dakota looked sad and I said, “Do you love Ari and Abbi?” and he, very seriously, said, “Yes…I wish we could all live together!”  I said, “Even if you’d have to share your toys with them all the time?” and he said, “Well, yes, but they have toys too…so we’d have twice as many!”  😉


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