I Cheated!!

I was so committed to my Sew-it-All Challenge, I really REALLY was.  I made it to April 18th…I didn’t buy one stitch of clothing for the little kids during all that time.  I had a big elaborate array of clothing planned for this spring and was going to big in as soon as I finished spring cleaning/re-organizing, but with my mom’s illness and death, plus my pneumonia/bronchitis I just haven’t been motivated to sew.  (I haven’t been motivated to touch any of my camera gear either, but that’s another story.)

So I was in Wal-Mart a few days ago and I saw some cute two-piece sets in the girls’ clothing section.  I don’t often buy clothes at Wal-Mart (or even Target for that matter) because the quality can be questionable and we’ve had a lot of shrinkage, twisting and pilling in the past.  But these cute two-piece sets consisted of a knit tunic and coordinating leggings, in 100% ORGANIC cotton for a mere $6 per set!!  I couldn’t resist and bought six sets for Katie.  I sized up to an 8 (the largest size they carried) and she wore one set yesterday prior to me washing them and there was some room, so I hope they’ll be good after washing/drying.

This segue from the plan opened a floodgate of sorts.  I had the kids try on their shorts and realized that most of them are outgrown or quite worn.  I visited Gymboree.com and wasn’t overly impressed with the current lines, so I only got a few items there and then hit OldNavy.com to order a handful or shorts and shirts for each kiddo.

As far as the challenge goes, I’ve decided in light of everything that’s happened, that I’m giving myself a free pass on this string of purchases.  The kids need warm-weather items and I just haven’t had the head to make clothing.  I am starting to get motivated to sew but after a six-week break I’m going to need to ease myself back in and start with some nighties and PJs.  Maybe I’ll attempt underwear soon.  Hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to make each little kid a few summer outfits.  The upside is that we wear summer clothes well into October/November, so even if I make things “late” they will still get plenty of wear before our brief “cool” season starts.


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