Trying not to look before I leap

My awesome and amazing friend Shirley is coming over tomorrow morning to help me clean out my pantry.  She offered to help me re-organize some problem areas in my house, as a birthday present.  She offered to spend more than one day helping me.  Now that’s friendship!  😀  I think this might be the best present anyone has ever given me, considering how poorly I’ve been feeling these past many, many months.  Since I need to rid our home of primal-unfriendly foods, the pantry seems a good place to start (it’s also a mess; I’ve neglected keeping it tidy the past week or so and that’s all it takes for disorder to take over).  Now, the husband is more in favor of slowly using up all the “bad” foods rather than tossing or giving them away.  My issue is that I don’t think it makes sense to say “hey everyone, enjoy the last of this cereal cause you’ll never have it again once it’s gone!”  Really, how well will that go over with kids 5, 6, 12 and 16?  Now if I hadn’t recently invested in a dozen cereal keepers, this would all work out better.  Hopefully I can find other uses for them!  (And the cereal is getting low anyway…)

I’m reading Primal Blueprint and The Paleo Solution on Kindle.  I ordered three paleo/primal cookbooks as well.  And I ordered 5# of almond flour.  I tried baking with almond flour back in the fall of 2007 when we trialed Katie on the SCD.  I wasn’t thrilled with the results but K was so sick I didn’t really have time to experiment much.  I’ve also read that almond flour has come a long way in texture in the past 4 years.  Amazon also has a couple really tempting cookbooks for using almond and coconut flour for desserts.  I’m holding off ordering them because I don’t want to focus on replacing sweets with substitutes but rather want to get everyone’s tastebuds used to having no refined carbs and sugar first.  Then when the next birthday rolls around, I’ll order that cupcake cookbook I’ve been eyeing!



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