Budget Recap

Ahhhhh, we did SO much better in March than we had any month in recent history.  We still slightly exceeded our projections, but those projections included having over $1k left over to save or put toward a large purchase, so we basically just created less savings for ourselves.

I did have quite a bit leftover when payday came, so I ordered the new swingset we’ve been wanting for the kids.  A big splurge at $540 delivered, but it’s wooden and can accomodate K and D until they’re around 10.  We’ll get a good five years out of it, if we move it when we move at the end of 2013.   If we don’t move it, from what I’m seeing for used wooden sets on Craigslist, we’ll be able to recoup about 2/3 of what we paid.

I did create a lean 11 days for us though, by paying a bunch of bills earlier than usual because I felt so flush.  *blush*  Next payday is the 13th and I’m trying not to spend anything that isn’t an absolute necessity until then.  Easter is already taken care of, and I have a few big-ticket things to sell, so we’ll be fine.  I would just feel better if we had about twice as much as a buffer, but oh well!  I’ll have to spend $100 when I get gas and I’m estimating another $200 to keep us in milk, eggs and produce.  Everything else we pretty much already have, including quite a bit of frozen meat.

***Oh, and I did forget–I’m allowed to transfer money from savings to cover hubby’s gas expenses.  So that will beef things up.  There are two more paychecks in April and I hope to set aside the second one for May, as I set aside the third March check (it was a three-pay) for April.


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