Challenge Update

While I have not sewn anything for the little kids yet in 2012, I’ve refrained from buying much.  I got out their summer clothes from last year and most still fit!  Dakota had outgrown his shirts in length, so I splurged and bought him eight t-shirts (mostly Angry Birds and Nintendo) at Wal-Mart.  $6 each with his favorite characters?  I’d be hard-pressed to sew and embellish them for that little, so I bought.

I’ve had great willpower not buying Katie any dresses, since I keep planning the ones I will make.  I did buy her one t-shirt (embellished, again, and on sale) when I bought Kayla a few items at Old Navy.

Considering that by this time in 2011 I’d already spent over $600 at Gymboree, I’m doing pretty well!

As far as minimalism goes, I made another pass through most of the rooms in the house and I’m going to go through then yet again.  Yes, it’s a process.


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