Why I’m using up my stockpiles these next couple months…Part 1

I’ve coupon’d (in a serious way) off and on over the last 20 years.  Before Internet match-ups, I found it all very confusing and didn’t really keep it up longer than a month or two at a time.  It just took way too much time.  Once I discovered match-ups and places to buy coupons I need in bulk, I’d get serious for a few months and then would start slacking again.  I made a resolution for 2012, that I would give serious coupon’ing one more try.

Buying groceries with coupons isn’t easy for a family like mine.  We avoid most processed foods and we’re gluten-free, plus we eat organic as often as possible.  So unless it’s for Chex or gluten-free products, most grocery coupons are lost on us.  I did score 30 .25 cents off Eggland’s Best Organic eggs…Fry’s ups those to $1, so that’s a great grocery deal for me!  But that’s a rare occurrence.  Shopping sales on store-brands usually works out better for me than using a coupon on a national brand.

But I digress.  I decided that since I couldn’t benefit all that much from grocery coupons that I should focus on toiletries, household items, hygiene products, etc.  My one weakness/extravagance, even in times of tight budgeting is smelly stuff.  And by that I mean plug-in air fresheners and scented candles.  I usually stick to Glade and Airwick these days, although I used to splurge on Yankee Candles and similar.  There are usually coupons and sales for either Glade or Airwick products.  All the time.  That explains why I now have enough plug-in refills to last till I’m 40, and that’s AFTER returning $30 worth last week!  Again, a digression…

<insert coffee>

Okay, so I began stockpiling the things I *could* get with coupons.  I’m now at the point where I have enough black beans to last us an eternity, and I can pretty much say the same about deodorant, body wash, shampoo, feminine products, toothpaste, k-cups (and I could go on and on).

You’re probably thinking….why is that a problem?



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