I decided to start a gratitude journal today.  I might express my gratitude in words, or pictures, or both…  🙂  I’m sure it goes without saying that I am very grateful for my family and friends…so I don’t want it to appear that I’m leaving them out or that I’m more grateful for the “things” in my life…that’s not it at all.  This journal is for all the times I notice, “Wow, I’m so grateful for ______ today” since I rarely get to share those feelings beyond myself, and I’d like to.

Today I am grateful for two days off from our community theater rehearsals.  Not that I don’t love the rehearsals, but I have bronchitis and need time to rest and get better.  If I had to get this sick this close to the show (which starts June 22nd) I couldn’t have picked better timing. 😉  I’m also grateful that my medications are working on my bronchitis!


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