Expensive end to our expensive trip 😛

We came home to a non-working garage door opener and quickly realized that our electricity was off.   I called our electric company and found out that they apparently hadn’t processed my August payment, and even though I already made the September payment, they had disconnected service, without any warning at all.

I get e-mail notifications from them nearly daily about our usage or when our next bill is due, etc…and nothing.

Downstairs was 90 and upstairs was 105…we’d picked up some groceries for dinner and milk on our way home and we had to run out and buy ice to keep all that cool while we cleaned out both fridges. The garage one was the worst but the house stinks and both fridges stink now. Tom, Jake, Kayla and I spent over two hours cleaning everything out.  We lost so much food! Two 26 c.u. fridges/freezers full!  It must add up to at least $500 lost, because everything was well-stocked in anticipation of coming home tired with a lot of laundry and unpacking to take care of.  :/

We also found out that our 10 year old rescue, Liberty, has advanced Valley Fever.  She’s been on meds for over a week and she’s getting worse.  🙁  I think the end is near for her.  She’s been mostly an outside dog due to incontinence, so we’re letting her stay inside as much as she wants.  She loves her crate and chooses that over being loose, so we’re keeping that on the tile and we have a waterproof pad under the crate.  I gave her one of our big fluffy comforters and she’s all nestled in, eating pigs’ ears and bully sticks to her heart’s content.


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