My scalp is tingling…

Revlon Colorsilk haircolor runs about $3 at grocery and drug stores, but it’s either really irritating, or I’m allergic to it, because it makes my scalp burn like nothing else!  I’m no stranger to haircolor;  for the past several years I’ve been bleaching and dyeing my hair all sorts of natural and un-natural colors.  I never really experience any irritation.

I tried aqua for the first time recently and it just did not look right with my skintone…so I tried to bleach it out.   That combined with swimming frequently got me seaweed- and straw- colored hair (but only on the top and in the front LOL).

I have an appointment to see a new rental this morning and I didn’t think seaweed hair would go over well with the agent (some people just assume that adults with fun colors in their hair aren’t very responsible!) so I decided to try a dark ash blonde to hopefully cover up the faded green and yellow hair.  I bought Colorsilk because (1) it’s the cheapest and (2) I’ve already tried over-dyeing this with Nice & Easy’s and Natural Instincts’ semi-permanent haircolor and neither worked.  At. All.

I did, however, make the mistake of buying one box of the dark ash blonde and one box of a medium brown (back-up in case the blonde hadn’t worked at all on lifting the green).  My hair is down to the middle of my back now, so I really should have gone with two boxes of the blonde, because it does appear to be lifting my overly-dark ends quite well…I just didn’t really have enough to saturate my whole head.  I guess I can wear a ponytail and pick up another $3 box on my way home.  😛

The things I do for fun….


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