Losing touch…

Somehow I’ve found that I’ve lost touch a bit with my desire for simplicity.  We moved in August and I still have two massive piles of *stuff* that needs to be unpacked and put away.  But the house is pretty much full.  Hmmmm.  That can’t be good.

It seems as though our closets are bursting at the seams; too many clothes, too many linens, too much food in the pantry (a problem I am grateful to have!) and too many gadgets in the kitchen.  Dare I say we still have too many toys and too many craft/art supplies?  Perhaps.  I won’t say we have too many books; I have them all in a china cabinet that I bartered for with a friend.  It’s pretty full and I’ve instituted a rule that all our homeschool books and all my personal books must fit inside.  And they do, for now.

I’ve recently gotten into furniture refinishing but I tend to buy up pieces and then lose inspiration to work on them.  This is yet another area of my life I should purge!  Sometimes I just need a fresh new piece instead of one that’s been sitting for months becoming boring!

Like many of you, I’m doing a gratitude journal this month.  I decided that this month is also the perfect time to get my life back in order as far as stuff and simplicity are concerned.  Thinking about the really important things, for which I am grateful, makes it really easy to see how many things that aren’t important have accumulated in my home and in my life.

I’ll be sharing my plan of attack and my progress as we move through the month of November. 🙂


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