Clothing, clothing and more clothing…

When paring down, the easiest place to start always seems to be the clothes.  It’s not difficult for me to toss things that are pilled, stained or no longer fit well.

I made the bold decision to toss my “fat” clothes.  I’ve been caught between two sets of clothing for months; one set quite a bit too tight but the other set quite a bit too loose.  I’ve been wearing the larger clothes out of a desire for comfort, but the pounds seem to creep back on when I do this.  I gathered them all up as I put away clean laundry over the past week, and I’m going to donate them.  I added some very unflattering tank tops to the pile.

I don’t dare purge my husband’s closet, since he had a huge fit the last time I did.  😉  It still annoys me that he wears only about a quarter of the clothes he has, but in our new house we have separate closets, so his excess doesn’t affect me like it did before.

Purging the kids’ clothes isn’t too hard.  My oldest finally let go of all her old, pilly, stained t-shirts, which made her closet much more manageable.  My younger daughter didn’t complain too badly when I removed the too small, too big (how did that happen?), badly stained and out-of-season clothing from her closet.  We compromised on some outgrown dresses and assigned them to pajama status.  Now she can actually see what she has in her closet!  Same for my boys’ clothes.

My youngest two have outgrown quite a few things but I’m being very careful not to buy too much while I’m in the process of buying them some new things.

Since nearly all my t-shirts and tops were part of my “fat clothes,” I splurged a bit.  I got new t-shirts in a smaller size but I only got four (at $6.40 each with free shipping…steal!).  I plan to have my business logo embroidered on a couple polo shirts to wear while I work, so I got two polos.  I also ordered a few dressier tops in the smaller size as well, since I only had one left after the purge and with the holidays coming, I knew I’d need a few shirts that are dressier than t-shirts!

I still haven’t finished purging my maxiskirts.  That’s been the only difficult part of this process for me.  Size isn’t such an issue since most have drawstrings or elastic waists that are very forgiving.  I just have way too many crowding my closet and a lot of them are not favorites…but it’s still so hard to part with them!  I’m hoping to tackle the task tomorrow! 😛


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