Pared Down

I’ve been in the process of paring down my wardrobe over the past few weeks.  In theory, I have enough clothes to go about one week without washing.  I should add a disclaimer here…I often get dirty and need to change during the day, so I’m not one of those people who can survive with 2-3 outfits.  I tend to be messy…I probably should make myself a nice apron.  🙂  The t-shirts, polos, yoga pants and capris and dressy tops were recent additions since I needed to go down a size; thanks to sales I only spent around $100 on all those pieces, which is not bad for new clothes in the more difficult to find sizes.

Here’s where I currently stand:

7 t-shirts (black, charcoal, navy, purple and white)
two charcoal polos (for work)
four “dressier” tops
four “dressier” tank tops which don’t quite fit now but hopefully will come spring

two stretch “mom” jeans
two stretch “pull on” “mom” jeans
two stretch “pull on” “mom” denim capris
two trendy bootleg jeans
one black yoga capris
one black yoga pants

three zip sweatshirtstwo Steve Madden boots
one cheap-o tennies (meaning to replace with better ones soon)
one nice pair Kenneth Cole beaded flip flops (looking worn these days, will have to replace when I have an “occasion” to dress up)
several cheap-o flip flopsfour nightshirts
four “sexy” nightgowns
one robeskirts…bunches, still out of control!  planning to narrow down to 4-6
two black knit dresses (one currently fits)


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