What is A Year of Less?

Have you heard the term, “radical simplicity?”  While I’ve long loved the idea of it, I’ve never quite been able to fully embrace it.

Years ago I was a member of an online community called Amitymama.com.   One of our longtime friends and members posted a series about how she and her family changed their lifestyle to one of radical simplicity.  They did things like give away almost all their books, clothes, kitchen accessories, personal items, etc.   Some of the extremes they went to just wouldn’t be practical for some of us (for example, I bake bread quite often so if I were to give away my stand mixer, I’d be making my life LESS simple) but the ideas could all be easily adapted to work for different families.

While your “year of less” might be a lot different from mine, I think it’s probably safe to say that there are plenty of similiarities too!

I’ve made a lot of progress simplifiying over the years.  When we moved from CA to AZ in 2005, our belongings filled an entire vanliner that can usually hold 2-3 families’ belongings.

That was the beginning of feeling a huge NEED to simplify.  It’s been a long process and often we will find that we’ve had some backwards progress.  I feel like I’m finally at the point where I can make 2013 my year and complete some of the things I’ve aspired to for way too long.

So for me, what will this year of less be?

Less spending.

Less clutter.

Less work keeping our belongings organized.

MORE time for hobbies, friends and family.



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