Low-Spend January: Day 1

Day 1 could definitely have gone better!  Actually, scratch that…I should say that I could have done better!  I have to take responsibility for my actions.  (That’s one of my resolutions!)

I spent most of the day helping my dad by packing and moving everything in my mom’s beloved china cabinet.  He’s moving to a park model and doesn’t have room for the piece, which he’s generously giving me.  I’m thrilled that I get it because it holds good memories of my childhood AND it will provide a huge amount of storage in my school room (where I currently have a much smaller china cabinet that I traded for).   I will also be able to sell the smaller china cabinet, which after I paint it should be worth around $200. Win/win!

I won’t say it wasn’t a stressful day–it was!  I took my older son with me and on the way, we stopped for slushies and candy bars.  $9

On our way to the new house with the items we’d packed, we got really hungry.  McDonald’s for lunch.  $11

On our way home, I needed to stop at Wal-Mart and look for anchors to hang the spice racks I bought last week.  I ended up buying quite a few things that WERE NOT IMMEDIATE NEEDS, but hey…I’m an idiot like that!  Total?  $108.  In my defense, several of the items were groceries that I would need soon and $25 of that total was salt for the water softener, which is most definitely a NEED, as it was completely empty and my hair has been feeling like straw.  But the pair of sweats for Dakota and the three camisoles for Katie weren’t immediate needs.  They were needs (Katie needs the camis for dance/tumbling and Dakota has very few pants) but not IMMEDIATE NEEDS.   However, since they were on clearance and would not be around by next month at such a great price (I’m sure of that!) I felt justified.  That was about $25.  And not really justified, because one of the rules for my NO-SPEND MONTH is NOT TO BUY THINGS we can live without JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE ON SALE!

I’m only human and the most I can do is try much harder tomorrow!!


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