Low-Spend January: Day 4

I did pretty well today!  I had a planned grocery trip (Sprout’s), during which I really only bought groceries.  I spent $225 (wanted to stay at $200 or less….bah) and bought a LOT of beef (mostly organic, grassfed) and some turkey breast filets.  I also purchased quinoa and some quinoa pasta (Dax is really into pasta right now but I want him off wheat and as much as possible off corn) and some yogurt, coconut milk and other staples for upcoming meals, like salsa, spaghetti sauce, etc.  I made sure I only bought pantry items that I can actually use over the next 1-2 weeks.  I also bought some organic veggies….kale, chard, broccoli…can’t remember what else.

I am planning to make a bulk order from Amazon soon, but I may wait till my next payday.  I’m not sure right now.   The healthy, organic pantry items I use are usually cheaper on Amazon but I don’t always love the buy-by-the-case aspect of shopping their grocery section.  So we shall see.

Oh, and I did spend $11 on drinks and snacks at Circle K, but that was in lieu of a $40-ish restaurant breakfast for the kids, so I’m not kicking myself too much on that one.


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