Low-Spend January: Day 5

I’m on a roll!  Tee hee!!

I almost ordered from OldNavy.com and backed out at the last minute!

I almost placed a produce order for next week even though I have tons of produce already.

I spent $25 on milk (we buy organic…Shamrock Farms’ 96oz containers are $3.68 at Wal-Mart and by far the best deal on organic milk in my area right now) and a few candy bars.

Hubby ordered pizza and spent about $45 after tip, but it was his idea as he was craving pizza…I didn’t try to discourage him because I could tell that would make him cranky.  He works so many hours, I felt like if he was craving a mess of pizza, he deserved it!  (He’s also been taking lunch from home, which saves us $5-$10 per work day.)

Note:  I’m not really imposing my “no-spend” ideas on hubby…I’m actually doing it mostly for myself since I am the one who ends up deciding what happens to pretty much all of our disposable income.  We set aside a set amount for savings and enough to cover our regular bills.  The rest is transferred to me and I really wish I could master not spending on frivolous things!  So that’s the main purpose of my no-spend experiments.  My goal is to be able to save up for things like photography gear and home decor…typically my “spending money” gets eaten up by lots of little meaningless purchases.

So, I spent around $25 and all but a couple of that was a planned staple.  Go me!!


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