Low-Spend January: Day 6

Well…not a bad day all in all.  Not a great day but not too bad.

$25 for lunch with hubby–something we plan for weekly and consider a necessity.  $8 for frozen yogurt.  Eh, could have gone without but hubby really wanted it. 🙂  $8 at QT for some water, some cashews and a bag of gummy worms to bring home to the kids.  So $41 total for our date outing today.

Then…$32 for more pizza.  Gah!  Dakota decided he loves pizza and ate a bunch of the leftover cheese pizza for lunch today.  Tonight, there was no more cheese pizza and we’re all so grateful when he eats a new thing quite willingly that we decided to order another cheese pizza.  But of course Tom and Kayla had to have pepperoni and pineapple and Jake wanted plain pepperoni…  I ate the last three pieces of sausage/mushroom, so I was set.  These are medium pizzas we’re talking about so the pieces are kind of small.   We’ll be freezing the leftovers for quick snacks this coming week.

Anyway…here’s hoping that D will like homemade pizza too.  I’m going to try that next weekend since we all seem to really crave pizza on the weekend!  I haven’t made it in a long time but it’s really not too difficult, so I should do it more often!

I’m entering this new week with great resolve to avoid spending anything this week unless it’s a needed grocery item.  I did place my produce order for Wednesday and it was $47 with tip…but I shouldn’t have to buy any produce this week.  In fact, I’m going to make it a priority to eat mostly veggies tomorrow and Tuesday (and maybe do some juicing) so we can get started on Wednesday’s veggies immediately when they arrive.  I am stocked up on chicken, beef and pork (even some salmon) so I should be able to make it through this week with no big shopping trip!  Normally I do a big trip on Friday but I’m going to see if I can push that to the following Monday, just for fun. 😀




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