Low-Spend January: Day 7

An easy day not to spend frivolously, until dinner time at least!  I had a chorus rehearsal from 12-3pm, so that kept me busy.  Once back home, Katie and Dakota had a trial tumbling class at 5pm.  That cost me $183 because I registered them both for a month of tumbling and signed Katie up for 8 weeks of recreational cheer.  A lot of money, but a necessary expense!  As home schoolers, we have to be aware of how much time the kids are spending with other kids, and often there’s a price-tag attached.  I did however resist the urge to sign them up for twice-a-week tumbling.  If they’re still really into it, we can add more days in the future.  Katie had dance from 6-7p after tumbling.  Where I really fell short this day was buying fast food for dinner, snacks and late night snack (when I picked Kayla up from work at 10pm).  I spent $8.50 at Carl’s, $12 at Chik-fil-A and $12 at Taco Bell.  Boo to me!


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