Unintentional Bulk Cooking

Silly since I’m striving to live a more intentional life.

Sometimes circumstances call for extreme measures!  Several days ago, I made a huge grocery trip to Sprout’s, where I purchased large quanities of {expensive} organic grassfed beef in the form of stew meat, ground and sirloin steaks.  I asked Jake to put all the meat in the garage freezer, since I’ve learned from experience that if I don’t cook it the same day or freeze it, I have a huge propencity to forget about and waste fresh meat.

After last night’s milk run, I discovered that all that beef (plus several packages of turkey breast tenderloins) had been put in the garage fridge and not the freezer.  It was late on the 9th and most of them were “sell by” the 9th, so I knew I had to cook them up ASAP.  This afternoon, I decided to do some impromptu bulk cooking.

I used two of the four packs of stew meat for stew…thrown in a slow cooker with baby carrots, onions and red potatoes.

The additional two stew meats went into the pressure cooker for goulash, which I served tonight with a stray box of elbow macaroni.

The steaks I sliced up and cooked for stroganaff.  I pressure cooked them and stored them in the fridge.  Tomorrow I’ll buy sliced mushrooms and finish the process.  They got a little overdone…which I did the last time I pressure cooked sliced beef for stroganaff, but hopefully lots of cream, butter and sour cream will help. 🙂

The ground beef got browned with chili seasonings and added to black beans that were in the fridge…instant chili for hubby’s work lunches over the next week or so!  I plan to portion it up and freeze.

The turkey tenderloins had a “sell-by” of the 10th and they looked great so I decided to freeze them and cook them another day.

So I covered Thursday’s dinner (goulash), Friday’s dinner plus leftovers (stew) and Saturday’s dinner (stroganaff) and at least a week’s worth of hubby’s lunches in about an hour.

Not a bad way to spend the afternoon! 😀


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