Low-Spend January: Day 12

JoAnn (materials to make a bow-holder for Katie’s room) – $26 (so silly that even with sales and coupons it cost $26 for a yard of fabric, three spools of ribbon, some batting and some decorative buttons!)

Target (make-up needed for a dress rehearsal Tuesday plus some haircare products because I’m out of good stuff and my hair is terribly dry and there’ve got to be a few things here I’m missing but can’t remember!) – $65

Target (again…forgot toilet paper, strawberries and the glucometer I’ve been avoiding buying…also bought a small Sara Lee cheesecake that we didn’t eat after I used the glucometer *sigh*) – $52

Subscription to Miracle-Ville.com for motivation – $5.99

Obviously NOT a no-spend day.



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