She’s Fearless

And she didn’t get it from me!

I really can’t take credit.  I mean, maybe I should, because I’m probably the most influential person in her life.  I guess I am definitely doing something right with her.  But she makes being her mom so easy!

I admire her so much.  I’ve always been so afraid of so many things.

But she’s not.

Katie started tumbling and (recreational) cheer this week.  She’s been doing dance once a week for the past couple months and she came to me one day and said that she was the only girl in her dance class who couldn’t do a cartwheel.  “Zing!!!  She needs tumbling!”  (That was my brain.)   I signed her up (with Dakota) and the two of them were the most uncoordinated, inflexible kids in the class.  But the teacher assured me that they did great “for kids with absolutely no tumbling experience.”

Odd to me, because as a child I made my own tumbling experience.

We’ve sheltered Katie quite a bit since her Crohn’s diagnosis and her stroke, so I felt pretty bad that she never learned to cartwheel on her own.

Fast forward a few days and she landed her first cartwheel, at home!  She practiced heavily until she got it.

She was so proud the next day when she finally had her first cheer class; she was one of the girls who already “have” their cartwheel, and she was advising the girls who couldn’t yet do one.

Dakota, on the other hand, is letting fear hold him back.  He’s afraid of falling and that’s keeping him from succeeding.  I’m sure he’ll eventually get it, especially with more tumbling class sessions.

I guess he’s more like me!


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