***FREE*** Monthly Bill Payment Record

I created this chart in Microsoft Publisher but for those you don’t have Publisher, I’ve included a PDF copy.  You can simply fill it in by hand monthly, edit it in Publisher or fill in the names of your bills and due dates and then scan or copy it to make additional copies.  🙂

I keep my charts on a clipboard that hangs on a clear Command hook next to my desk and each new month, I just add a new one on top of the stack, so I can flip through if I need to look up something from a previous month.

This way I easily see it daily and can make sure I don’t forget to pay things.  Since I have ADD, I have a terrible time remembering to pay things on time!  This could be one’s only system for remembering, but I do have other systems on well.  I just find that redundancy is good for me! 😀  Our others systems and filing cabinet reside in our office where my husband can keep an eye on things; this chart is just for my peace of mind.  My desk is in our bedroom, so I’ve got my info right there and see it even if I don’t have reason to venture into the office!

***I was unable to upload the Publisher version due to security restrictions in WordPress.  If you need that version, please e-mail me and I’ll send it back as an attachment. 🙂

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