Valley Fever: What it feels like…

…at least for me.

Dealing with this has had a lot of ups and downs.  On my best days, I feel achey and fatigued but I get little bursts of energy.  Unfortunately those don’t last long!  They do last long enough to prepare a quick meal or run a quick errand.

On my worst days, my whole body aches to the point that I can’t get conformtable in any position.  I can’t get myself out of bed.  And I have to lay across the foot of my bed, propped up on pillows.  Don’t ask me why…but for the past several weeks, that’s the only way I can lie down comfortably.

I get frequent bouts of chills, hot flashes and terrible sweats.  I have the worst cough I’ve ever had (and I have had asthma since I was three, so that’s saying a lot), which seems to be improving since I started fluconazole, but I still have bouts where nothing controls it (not even the strongest prescription narcotic cough meds).

I’m physically and mentally tired.  Sometimes so tired I can’t sleep.  I have periods of feeling like my whole body is buzzing with energy.  I have other periods where I’m so drained that I completely crash.

I’m currently very dizzy and thus haven’t been able to drive.  It may be from the fluconazole and I’m sincerely hoping it goes away.

My hair seems to be thinning, although I could be over-reacting.  I love my hair and don’t want to lose it!

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