Valley Fever: Just feeling…kind of bleh

Ugh.  I’m really having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I’m going to potentially feel this way for a loooooong time.

I’m surviving.  My asthma/breathing seem better.  I’m less short of breath and cough less often.  I have eliminated my daily afternoon nap.  I’m tired but able to stay awake as long as I sit down to rest.  I still have really bad coughing spells, usually late at night.  I’ve developed new pain in my chest.  Hubby suggests it might be muscle pain but since I’m coughing less I doubt it.  It also feels as though it’s inside.  I imagine the cocci infiltrating my lung tissue and slowly killing me.

I probably should switch to positive visualizations!

I imagine my immune system fighting the cocci…attacking it, and winning.  That’s better.

My pcp’s office sent me a recorded phone message.  There’s a message waiting for me and all I have to do is call back and enter my “id number” to retrieve it.  Only thing is I don’t remember them giving me any such number.  I tried my social and that didn’t work.  *hmph*

I’m sure the message relates to my A1C.  I had it drawn Thursday.  I asked the Dr. to call in glyburide for me since VF has wreaked havoc on my already-way-too-high blood sugar.  We were giving me time to get the #s down through diet and exercise, but then VF came along.  I already take metformin and I know glyburide is a common companion.

The Dr. wanted to see an updated A1C first…I guess I’ll get the info Monday. Not really anything to worry about other than the fact that I think we should get my blood sugar down post-haste!  I just want a prescription, please.  I wish I could do it myself!

I got a lot done in the studio today…unpacked most of my art/craft supplies.  I just need to sell/give away a few more pieces of furniture before I can really get the room arranged how I want.

For now, I’m going to pee (drinking a lot has it’s drawbacks…I have to pee all the time!) and work on a puzzle with my Katie.  If I’m feeling really ambitious I may take her and my new camera out for a slow stroll.


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