Valley Fever: Hanging in…

I haven’t updated in several days so thought I should.  I won’t remember a lot of the daily details once time has passed.  I have days where I’m pleasantly surprised with how greatgood I feel and then I have days where I can’t really get out of bed.  I’m still sticking to my routine of getting up, showering and then if I need to lie down at some point, I lie down.  But I make sure I’ve made the bed first.  This way I don’t feel like a sloth for lying down!!  And I’ve discovered that I look less lazy to the others in the household.  😉

I have been focusing a lot on trying to boost my immune system by eating more healthfully, which for me really means fewer carbs, no processed foods, no processed sugar and a LOT more produce.  I’m really focused on cooking whole, organically certified foods and I’m buying almost no processed food right now.  (I did buy Annie’s Mac Cheese for the kiddos…for when I’m in a pinch and need to make something.)

It also means taking my medication and supplements religiously.  I had been very haphazard with my Metformin for months.  Since VF has obliterated any control I had over my blood glucose levels, I need to take it and not forget.  It’s easier with the fluconazole…I’ve only missed one dose in the three weeks I’ve been taking it.  It’s hard to forget that one because it’s only once a day….and I’m very terrified about what will happen if I don’t take it!

I started a new blood sugar lowering medication to help the Metformin along.  I’m hoping it will help…otherwise I’ll be shipped off to an endocrinologist and things will get more complicated.  So far, no side effects.  I keep forgetting to check my fasting # so I’m not sure if it’s working.  Gotta remember to do that.

Advair really has made everything so much better.  My asthma feels almost back to normal.  The only difference is that I have an attack every few days whereas before I might have an attack once or twice a year.  I am having pulmonary function tests on the 17th.  That should be interesting.

I’ll also have a follow-up that day with the pulmonologist who diagnosed me.  We’ll be discussing additional testing and the results of the pulmonary function tests.  I know I need the bloodwork for cocci repeated because my titers didn’t register.  I also need my liver checked due to the fluconazole.  I would like another lung xray or perhaps a c/t scan of my lungs.  I’ve read that c/t scans are overperformed these days but I’d like to at least have a more detailed look.  My last lung xray was normal but they weren’t looking for anything related to cocci at that point.

Other than some really bothersome, nearly nightly, nausea I have been feeling much better than I was a few weeks ago.  I’m driving again and able to run basic errands.  I can cook again, do laundry, cleaning, etc.   I need lots of breaks and rests and can’t do anything for more than about an hour…but I’m improving.

My voice is still really bad, so I have to go to an ENT.  My PCP said this isn’t normal for Valley Fever.  I had to miss auditions for our community’s summer musical.  Even if I could have sung, I’m sure the fatigue would have been almost impossible to get through once rehearsals start.  I also missed the last three performances that my barbershop group did this spring.  I haven’t been to a rehearsal in over a month.  I miss that group of ladies, miss singing and miss performing!

I’m ready to start carefully exercising, so I’ve been doing a little walking and as soon as our community pool warms up, I plan to swim daily.   I’m also considering Zumba classes but I’d definitely have to modify.  I love to dance so it might be a fun way to move around a bit.  I would just have to prepare myself in advance for the fact that I won’t be able to keep up.

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