Now that is my kind of meal-planning!

Craig Fear from Fearless Eating has it right!

I also absolutely loathe meal-planning and never, ever am able to stick to a meal-plan very long (I’m doing good if I make it a week!).  They usually involve complicated shopping lists and way more prep time daily than I am willing to contribute!  That’s why I got so excited when I read about Craig’s idea of planning just 2-3 dinners weekly while using leftovers and quick meal ideas to fill in the blanks (particularly breakfasts and lunches and weekend meals).

In that same vein, Jessica from LifeAsMom and GoodCheapEats revisited a post including easy “emergency” meals.  The kind of meals that one can make when there’s “nothing to eat.”  These meals include quesadillas, grilled cheese, pasta with sauce, etc.

For the longest time I’ve been such a “snob” about what we eat that I often would not have bread or sliced cheese or pasta or simple things to eat on hand.  And then we’d end up going out to dinner, or even worse…fast food.  That is such a fail on so many levels.  We spend way too much and still eat crappy food.

So finding these posts today via Facebook was incredibly timely for me.  I’ve been meaning to sit down and put together yet another meal plan that I know won’t work well for me.  Nothing like heading into something you just know is gonna fail, right?  Armed with these ideas, I am feeling a lot more positive about covering all the meals we need with a good repertoire of “emergency” meals in addition to 2-3 meals I can cook in large quantities!


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