And best laid plans…or…sick kid!

I didn’t make much progress this week on my bulk cooking.  I’d planned more.  I got a great start to the week but then little miss Katie decided to get sick on Wednesday and she *just wanted me* to be with her all the time.  It has definitely been really nice having leftovers in the fridge from my big cooking night Monday!

I had grand plans for yesterday (Saturday) as well, but after an adrenaline-pumping ride on my runaway horse and then our home inspection for the new house (not all good news) I ended up napping and going out to eat with hubby instead of getting to my to-do list.  Hopefully I can make up for my lack of progress today (Sunday) if I ever get some sleep.

Miss Katie is still sick (but improving…she didn’t have the runs or nausea today and ate Jell-O and half a ham sandwich before bed) and my back is on the verge of going out.  I hope another dose of Aleve can have me moving better by morning.  I am so stiff and sore.  More details about the runaway horse later…it’s too fresh in my mind right now.



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