The Costco Experiment: Progress Update 2

Last time I wrote, I was a day away from heading to Costco again for the bulk of our weekly groceries.  I spent about $245 that trip, which was over my goal of $200 but I did stick to that $200 if you only count food and household items.  I did spend an unplanned $30 on generic Allegra (but a huge 120 ct bottle) as well as about $30 on some books for Katie and Dakota.  During the week I bought egg noodles, Kraft mac-n-cheese and some Pop Tarts at Target.

I’m again ready for another trip to Costco…not sure where this past week went?…but I’ve still got quite a bit of ground beef and chicken in the freezer, and a lot of pantry items on hand, so I don’t need much for this week’s meals.  I’m going to make a huge batch of “cheeseburger macaroni” and spaghetti with meat sauce,  to use up the Costco ground beef that I don’t really care for.  I plan to freeze it all in portions for my hubby and teen son to eat–they don’t notice gristle like I do.   I also have two meals’ worth of frozen cooked shredded chicken, plus about 16 Bare brand frozen chicken breasts (raw).  I got a $15 produce basket from Bountiful Baskets this week (new drop point at the Queen Creek Library — yay!!!) so we’ve already got our fruit and some of our veggies for the week.  And I have a lot of things left over that I thought I’d be buying weekly, but haven’t had to.  Yay!

This week’s list:

cucumbers – $4
tomatoes – $6
romaine –  $4
broccoli – $4
milk (4 gallons this time as we have two left) – $9
sour cream – $3
shredded cheese – $12
ground beef (Fresh & Easy) – $24 (for 4 pounds)
enchilada sauce (Fresh & Easy) – $3
bagels (Paradise Bakery) – $9 (for 13 bagels, which I’ll freeze to keep fresh)
potatoes – $5
two chickens for broth – $8 (my last batch of broth got ruined 🙁  )

total: $91-ish (plus tax) **wowie…that’s really amazing! 

This week’s menu…

dinners and lunches:

tuna casserole
mexican chicken casserole
hamburger macaroni **to freeze
spaghetti and meat sauce **to freeze
hamburger steaks with mashed potatoes and veggies **will stop and buy the ground beef for these at Fresh & Easy
hot dogs with beans and potato salad

breakfasts and snacks:

sausage (already cooked and in the fridge waiting to be eaten!)
english muffins

I am really happy with the results I’m having so far!  It only takes a few hours to get the Costco thing done, from start to finish, including driving there and back, shopping and loading and unloading my car and putting everything away.  The kids and I treat ourselves to lunch and soda there, which is usually around $6 for the four of us who go.  A couple times a week when I feel like cooking, I make food but I make enough to last a couple days for lunch/dinner, so I’m not cooking a big complicated dinner every night.  And I love that!


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