Hello again, Costco…

Monday is my normal grocery shopping day, and I’ve been going to Costco most of the time.  This week I went to Fresh & Easy.   I met my goal of staying under $100 for the week, but I took the kids with me and ended up buying a lot of junk food I wasn’t planning on buying, so the trip could have been an even better success (read: less expensive) than it was. We’re already out of milk (bought a couple at F&E to extend what was left from Costco, but the F&E milk was sour!) and it would be really nice to head into the weekend with everything freshly stocked, so I decided to give Friday grocery shopping a try. I’m still well-stocked with frozen chicken breast and the gristly ground beef…but we are getting low on produce.  Especially the romaine that our guinea pigs eat daily.  I’ve been craving more fresh veggies and have found myself unknowingly skimping on them again!  I don’t know why I do this, but I make barely enough–say–broccoli for the family and end up stuffing myself on something starchy when I really should be focusing on filling up on my protein and veggies!  I’m still serving pasta, rice and the like to the fam but I’m personally trying to avoid it, along with my 8yo who does better not eating wheat. This week’s list:

  • whole chickens (8) ~ I may get 4 of the precooked ones depending on the price difference; last time it only added up to a dollar per chicken…and the rest raw for stock
  • milk (6-10) ~ depending on dates
  • half-n-half
  • coffeemate ~ an indulgence in badness, I know
  • body wash/shampoo ~ if they have a good deal on something that I like
  • vinegar ~ for cleaning and weed killing
  • produce, produce, produce ~ I’m trying not too each too many higher-GI fruits (like my beloved red grapes) so I’m planning on really stocking up on tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery, romaine, bell peppers, strawberries, melon, spinach and broccoli…I love broccoli and could eat a ton at nearly every meal, so I’m going to buy a LOT
  • replenish some spices
  • loose fine sea salt ~ if they have…I have grinders but only have super-coarse kosher loose and it’s not the best for baking!
  • potatoes
  • no breads this week ~ trying to reduce our consumption and switch to making homemade from soaked flour (we do have a few loaves in the freezer anyway…)
  • cheese
  • pork loin or chops
  • tuna ~ Kirkland brand this time
  • canned tomatoes
  • quinoa
  • coconut oil (if they have refined…I don’t need virgin)

It’s probably pretty easy to glean what my meal plan is based on this list!   A couple meals of chicken, a new batch of bone broth, a meal of pork (hubby loves), lots of veggies.  I love my new rice cooker and am replacing pasta with rice, quinoa or potatoes where I can.  I know rice and potatoes are supposed to be so terrible for blood glucose levels but my personal experience is that white rice and potatoes effect my readings much less than starches from wheat and other gluten-containing grains. I no longer want to make stock from roast chicken.  I find it has a slightly burned taste to me this way.  I do want to eat roast chicken, however.  I figured getting raw chickens for stock and then picking the meat to use in another dish will work.  And we can eat the ones I buy pre-roasted (or roast myself) and then toss those bones. I also would like to try Costco’s grassfed ground beef.  F&E’s has risen in price to $7/pound and wasn’t too impressive this week.  Maybe I’ll fare better with Costco’s.


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