Methods of Avoidance…Costco

I’ve been avoiding Costco the past couple weeks.  Bad, bad…I know.  I’ve hit up Target and Wal-Mart for milk, produce and other staples and even though the prices seem reasonable, you just can’t beat Costco’s prices.  Produce at Costco tends to be around half of what it costs at Wal-Mart.  Milk is similar in price but Costco’s tastes better.  Other items we use in bulk are just naturally more affordab;e at Costco, including eggs, cheese and so on.

Still, that 12+ mile each way trip is hard to take when Target and Wal-Mart are less than a mile from the house.

I’m going to need one more produce run this week…and I know I really, really should go to Costco.  Of course there are other low-cost options such as Sprout’s and local ranch and farmers’ markets but unfortunately they are not anymore convenient than schlepping my brood to Costco.

All I know right now if I’m fresh out of cucumbers and I’m really craving them!


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