Home, Sweet Home

September 16th, 2013…the first day of the first chapter of the rest of our lives!  Closing day on our new home!

Everything has gone extremely smoothly, with the exception of one teeny tiny thing…the title company missed a signature and hubby had to go back in first thing this morning to sign.  What a blessing!  And what a joy this process has been!  We actually went into underwriting one day and came out the next, ‘squeaky-clean’ as our loan officer happily stated!

As far as packing goes, we’re about 30% packed.  What we lack in packing progress, however, we’ve gained in de-cluttering/organizing.  I’ve been doing a thorough “pre-pack” of each room/area before packing, with the hope that if I don’t bring things we don’t use/need/want/have room for to the new house, we won’t have trouble packing and getting everything set up and organized once the movers come.  This whole de-cluttering process is a very frustrating one for me because I don’t want to get rid of things I’ll end up buying again…but most of it won’t be missed.  It’s just convincing my brain of that fact that is difficult at times!  It’s just stuff and I don’t care about stuff…but like those hoarders on the reality shows, I feel like I need to touch and think about each item before letting go.  This leads to way too many “maybe” piles that are painful to make second and third passes through. It’s necessary though, otherwise I’d end up with countless remaining tubs of “miscellaneous” sitting around the new home and I’m certainly tired of that.  I’m packing things as organized as possible, with the hopes of removing things from boxes and sticking them right into their new homes at the new place!

Well, back to packing! 😀

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