Implementing the Simple Thanksgiving

I found myself with so much time on my hands today, the day before Thanksgiving.  Instead of standing all day prepping and cooking, I got to sleep in, relax and hang out with my family.  I also got  a head start on my Christmas decorating and had time to do some crafting and shopping.

I absolutely adored having such a relaxed day and nothing to stress over!

I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow to get the turkey breasts (bone-in, 99 cents per pound at Target, then I got a 10% and 5% discount) into the roaster.  I plan to assemble my broccoli casserole while I’m boiling potatoes and sauteing sausage and veggies for stuffing.  Then I can assemble the stuffing and twice-baked potato casserole and get those into the oven together.  While they bake, we’ll peel and roast sweet potatoes and while those bake, make the pie crust so I can bake the sweet potato pie while we eat dinner.

Tomorrow in between cooking and eating, we’ll be watching movies and putting the ornaments on our Christmas tree.  I believe the kids and hubby will be working on our outdoor decorations as well.



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