Help for the overwhelmed.

My husband had a suggestion for me since I’m always complaining that I’m so overwhelmed with the kids, house, cooking and finances that I never have time to really enjoy my hobbies or pursue my personal goals.

The idea is to make a list.

I hated that idea since I hate lists.

They just make me feel more overwhelmed because I can never finish them or even make a big enough dent.  At least not in my mind.

But he said to make a master list and make it a goal to do three things a day from the list.  And to keep the same list, with the successes crossed out, while adding new goals.  I’m going to try it since most days I feel like I’m just consistently spinning my wheels and never making progress at getting anywhere.  I’m sure my basic things like feeding the kids, doing school with them, cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry won’t be on that list because those are things I have to do daily.  But things like making phone calls, scheduling appointments and larger household cleaning and organizing projects will be on there.  With no deadlines.  No deadlines=no failures.  I’ll have to be smart of time-sensitive things but knowing how great I feel when I make a phone call and fix a billing problem, or declutter a room, I think this will be very rewarding!


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