Aim for empty (or close to it!)…

For years I went back and forth between stockpiling (bought with big savings) or just having enough to get through a certain period of time.  I decided a couple years ago that I was finished stockpiling, both with regards to food and household items.  I do make exceptions, like when canned pumpkin was on sale for 30 cents per can in October, I stocked up knowing I’d be using a lot throughout the holidays.  If I see toothpaste that we like on sale for $1 a tube and I happen to have coupons, then yes, I will buy a bunch. Same goes for deodorant and other products we regularly use.  But not to the extent that I need special storage for these items.

I’ve been slacking in general lately, noticing that my fridge and pantry would be overflowing yet I’d be out shopping.  I decided to put the brakes on that issue and am quite proud to say I can actually see the inside of my fridge again!  My plan is to get it empty enough to clean it without having a million items to take out and put back!  The pantry isn’t faring quite as well, but I’m working on it.  I need to use up those 12 cans of black beans, for instance.  If for no other reason than I have a huge container of dried black beans too.

I guess my biggest issue with stockpiling is that it goes against the very core of minimalism.  Saving a few dollars isn’t worth the emotional cost of stockpiling ~ especially when you have to spend money to store what you’ve stockpiled.  And did you know that stock-pile sales are actually ILLEGAL?  Yeah.  So when I find myself doing it unintentionally, I try to re-think and change my game plan.  I know not everyone is like me, but I find it stressful to have a lot of anything to store and keep organized ~ and that goes against my core believe of keeping things simple.


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