Smoked salmon quiche with spinach…and more!

I’ve been a tad obsessed with quiche lately…it’s a great comfort food and without the crust (or with a coconut or almond flour crust) it’s pretty primal and low-carb.

I love smoked salmon (hot smoked or cold smoked) but since I’m trying to avoid eating bagels (my favorite carrier for smoked salmon) I decided to try throwing it in a quiche.

I’d like to try the salmon quiche again with leeks instead of caramelized onions.  And no spinach.  And I definitely need to use fewer eggs and a lot more cream/half-half/milk.  I started skimping the last few times because I was low on cream or half-half but it really needs cream or some such….my quiches are starting to taste like solid scrambled eggs with meats/veggies added.  Not horrible but not quite the quiche experience.  I’ve also been a little skimpy on cheese, which I plan to rectify next time.

As usual, I eyeballed everything so no specific recipes.  Just some visuals.

I did a broccoli/mushroom pie as well.

And I made “breaded” (almond flour, shredded cheese and some GF bread crumbs) baked chicken breasts also cause my hubby and 14yo son don’t find quiche alone to be a meal.  Go figure!

It was our first time eating Simple Truth’s Organic free-range chicken breasts.  They were delicious and at $6.99 per pound they’re affordable.  Not quite pastured but the closest thing I’ve found locally.



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