More quiche…this time with chard…

So I had to make another quiche.  I’d been promising my girl.  She really, really loves quiche!  This won’t be a recipe but rather a “here’s what I did.”

I was feeling tired and lazy, so I decided to put 4 quiches’ worth of material into my big lasagna pan rather than baking four pies.  I used two prepared pie crusts (I know, I know…I wanted to go crustless but I have a little girl here who’s all about the crust) and 12 eggs and a cup of milk.  No, I don’t really follow even my own recipes…I like to make things up as I go along.  In hindsight, cooking the quiche in a large rectangular pan was a good idea–I just should have divided my veggie mixture between two of them (I had used four big bunches of chard and three large leeks).

I had trouble getting it to set up because it was so thick and there was too much moisture.  I tried to cook the chard/leek mixture (no broccoli this time as I wanted to see what chard/leeks would taste like without the strong addition of broccoli flavor) less than last time, thinking perhaps I’d be hanging onto some extra nutrition.  That turned out to be a big mistake because I had way too much water in the quiche as it was cooking.  So, note to self…don’t shorten the cooking/sauteeing period of the chard/leeks.

When I cut into it after I thought it was done, over a cup of water formed in the space I’d cut.  Kinda yucky!  I put it back in the oven for another 30 minutes and that eggy water cooked into a gross-looking custard…but it didn’t affect the rest of the remaining quiche, thankfully.

I know it sounds like a disaster but it was tasty last night and even tastier today.  I think I actually prefer it without the broccoli…but, I can’t really decide.   I love broccoli but it can indeed overpower the more delicate flavors in the quiche.


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