Carnitas in the pressure cooker!

Shredded Pork
This is the pressure-cooked pork after shredding. It literally just falls apart.

This is a simple and pretty-authentic recipe that is quick and easy to make in the pressure cooker.  I STILL have not ordered my Instant Pot so this was made in my shallow 6 qt Fagor stovetop model.  Still easy-peasy.


1 pork shoulder (or butt) or pork loin (about 4-5 pounds)
Mexican seasoning/spice
cooking liquid ~ I used organic chicken broth
fat for browning
lemon or lime juice

1. brown all sides of meat WELL in pressure cooker; the goal here is a golden, thick brown crust
2. season all sides of browned meat with spices/rub; I use a mixture of Adobo powder and chipotle powder, plus some Lime-Chili Mrs. Dash
3. add a few inches of the cooking liquid
4. bring up to high pressure and cook for around 90 minutes (or however long it should take based on the size of your roast)
5. release pressure, shred with fork (should fall apart) and cook off extra liquid, add some citrus juice
6. heat more fat for frying and fry small amounts of the shredded pork in the fat till crisp, turning as needed…this is not something to walk away from
7. drain on paper towel; squeeze more fresh lime juice over meat and serve!

We like this with salsa, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream or crema ~ served with any type of tortilla or taco shell (low-carb, paleo works well since the meat is so tasty it masks these substitutes easily!)

This is the pork after frying it up; yum!

This is probably one of the worst pictures I’ve ever taken, but this is how I ate mine ~ in a low-carb tortilla with a generous side of diced tomatoes…


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