A fairy garden…


Fairy Garden in a rusty Radio Flyer wagon.
This is how the wagon looked right after we added potting soil, polished river rocks and a 6-pack of snapdragons. 😀


I love plants, I love gardening and I love gardening with my children.

I am just getting over being sick for the better part of a month.  It started with the flu, progressed to pneumonia, then I got another virus and then a horrible sinus infection.  When I finally started to feel a [clear_floats] better, I’d spent two entire weeks mostly in bed.

My little boy was fine ~ he is a bit of a loner and happy (and old enough at eight and a half) to do his own thing nearby.  My little girl (ten and a bit clingy sometimes) was definitely feeling like she needed some time with me, doing something more than lying around and watching TV.   Her eyes lit up when I told her I needed help planning out a fairy garden.  We did some online research and she drew up a plan.

I started looking for the right container or planter on our local resale groups.  I had a rusty old radio flyer wagon in mind, but they usually sell for quite a bit when they’re in tact, so I was thrilled when a large one came up for sale for $30 less than a week later!  I knew I could have found one for less if I took a couple weeks or more to scout the flea markets and garage sales, but I didn’t want to waste the time.  We drove out to get it and we picked up a six-cell pack of snapdragons to start planting.  We had a large amount of little river rocks from Dollar Tree and Ikea, so we made a river.  We got everything settled in and made plans to go shopping for the garden accessories ~ and then my little girl got really sick!

I had a 25% off coupon and while shopping for something unrelated, hubby and I noticed that JoAnn had a great selection of fairy garden decorations (I guess I’m not the only one with this idea!) at 40% off, so I went shopping alone and brought back a huge bag of goodies to cheer her up!  She was so thrilled!  She didn’t feel well enough to go outside that evening, so we made plans for the following day.  That morning I was at Home Depot shopping for our veggie garden and I grabbed a bunch more flowers to finish up.

We spent about an hour planting and arranging.  We had a little disagreement over the placement of the wheel barrel (tee hee) but when all was said and done, we’re quite happy with it.  We added some sheet moss for color as well. I still want a little fairy house, so we’re going to check Hobby Lobby (although I find the company a bit loathsome, I still can’t resist) or At Home (formerly Garden Ridge) to see what we might find.  JoAnn does stock them online but in-person is more fun! 😀

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