Low-Spend June: Day 3

It’s still early in the day, so I may have to update if I don’t make it through the day without buying SOMETHING ELSE.

I just spent $38.58 but it was on something I desperately need…two new bras.  I had a 40% off coupon for LaneBryant and I only ordered two of my beloved wire-free t-shirt bras because my current stash of four are all very stretched out.  I’m losing weight but ordered the same size, assuming mine have lost their oooomph with years of going through the dryer.  The plan is to reserve the new ones for when better support matters, not dry them in the dryer, and try to make due until I’ve lost even more weight (hoping!).  Under $40 really isn’t too shabby for two good bras.

I also paid our cell phone bill which was higher than normal because our oldest left our plan and we were still paying off some penalties.  She had planned to reimburse us for those, but as a birthday gift, we told her we’d take care of it.  This one was $306.  Next payment should only be $260 and our 18yo will be paying his share starting with June’s bill.

Update:  The day is over and the only additional $$ I spent was $1.98 for two bottles of cold water.  We were out of water at home this AM, and the kids and I had rehearsal, so I ran down to the Valero to get those two bottles.  I was so tempted to get some sort of treat or soda or breakfast sandwich, but I stayed true to my plan and just got two 99 cent bottles of water, and we made due with the bananas we took from home.  😀  We ate leftover lasagna for lunch and had leftover pork loin made into pulled pork with some homemade white rolls.  😀

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