Low-Spend June: Day 2

Did pretty well today.  I cooked about 8 days worth of dinners/lunches from food I’d already stockpiled, and stopped at the grocery store for a few things and only spent $12.86.  Sadly, my Sam’s Club mozzarella was VERY moldy (dated July 29th mind you) so I wanted to buy cheese for the top of tonight’s lasagna.  I also bought a bag of salad, two cukes and 4 tomatoes ~ which provides two days of salads.  And some grapes, very fresh and nice.  All on sale.

I purchased a couple of items for my doll business, $30 in total.

I bought a desk to use as a vanity ~ $15 and I used leftover cash from last weekend’s selling.  I also bought a set of barn stars (we have a wall to decorate with them…nails are already there) for $20. Also used cash from last weekend’s selling.

We did spend $18 at Sonic.  I’m not sure how it happened.  On our way to pick up the barn stars and my new vanity, I stopped for a soda and hubby decided he needed a chicken sandwich, tots, a chocolate shake and mozzarella sticks.  I was starving, so I gave in.  He’s a bad influence, I tell you!  I’m taking this out of our $100/month date night fund though.

The charge for the desk I ordered for Katie’s new room came through today, not the day I ordered it (don’t you hate that??) but she really needs it to finish organizing her room, so I’m not hating myself too much.  That was $70 after tax.  I almost canceled it, planning to re-order it in July, but it’s usually $120 before tax so I couldn’t pass up this deal of $65.  Plus, as previously mentioned, I already sold the old one for $125 AND originally, Amazon put an authorization through in May but let it fall off and placed a new charge dated today.  Urgh.

I submitted the rebate paperwork for the Home Depot paint sale that happened over Memorial Day weekend.  We should be receiving a $90 Visa gift card.  When, I’m not sure.  But that’s done.

The mortgage payment also came out of the account today.  That’s totally essential, and I’m so grateful for our home, so that’s a big amount I’m glad to see taken out every month! 😀

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